7 Tips to maintain your car during lockdown

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Because of Covid-19, our fast-paced life has come to a pause and it is safer for everyone to stay indoors. Due to which our cars have come to a standstill, this can affect the cars and they may not start when we need them. Therefore it is necessary to take care of them so that when the lockdown is over, we can resume driving our cars to offices, beaches and go for long drives with our friends and family.

We have complied some maintenance and service tips:

Car Battery

  • The car battery has to be charged in order to successfully start the vehicle. To charge the battery we recommend you to start the car once a week and keep it running for around 15 minutes.
  • If you are already facing issues starting the car then your battery may be low and it needs charging you can do this using a trickle charger. You check how to trickle charge your vehicle here - (YT link)
  • If you are not able to go down to start your vehicle you can just disconnect the negative terminal of the battery so the your battery wont discharge.


  • If your tyres don't have enough pressure then it can cause wear while driving and also while your car is stationary. Also, if your car is parked on the same spot for a long time it can cause flat spots in the tyres.
  • To protect your tyres always check your tyre pressure and if it is low get a refill. We recommend you to refill with nitrogen because it doesn't escape the tyre easily and maintains the pressure for a longer time.
  • To avoid flat spots, move your car.

Fluid Check

  • Your car has a fluids like - coolant, engine oil, washer fluids and more. You need to check the levels of each fluid and maintain the level. Check your car's manual if you don't have an idea about where & how to check.
  • You should also keep your car's fuel tank full to avoid evaporation of fuel and clogging of fuel lines. Adding a fuel stabiliser can keep the fuel fresh upto 12 months.


  • Do not keep the handbrake engaged for a long period of time because it might get stuck and cause severe problems. If you can, use the parking mode or put your car in gear so that it does not move.


  • There are a lot of parts in a vehicle that need lubrication and being stationary for a long time will cause friction in them which can make their operation noisy. To prevent this it is necessary to start the car and drive it for a short distance.

Where to park

  • If you don't have a covered parking then it is very important to choose a parking spot wisely. Do not park your car under a tree, birds droppings will cause damage to the paint. Using a car cover would be a good option but make sure your car is washed and cleaned before you cover it.

Back on the road

drive car

  • When you are back on the road make sure you test the brakes and check all fluids, sensors and keep the engine running for a minute before driving. Get your car serviced from a mechanic if anything feels unusual.